BTE Energy

Baran Çelik Galvanizing Company, founding partner of BTE Energy, operates in a 9,000m2 indoor and a 15,000 m2 outdoor area with a steel structure fabrication capacity of 36,000 tons and 40,000 tons per year of galvanizing capacity.
Under ISO 9000, they feature a wide range of products such as overhead power transmission lines, lattice towers, substation structures, modular masts for telecommunication and broadcasting, monopoles for lighting and any kind of tubular steel structures. Shearing, bending, drilling and welding are done by the newest versions of CNC machines with the consequent repeatability under error free previously programmed parameters.
Oxygen cutting, precision cutting in a plasma machine, a 1,200 ton capacity brake press and welding in a camera controlled automatic feed machine, contribute to ensure high quality standards at the tubular structure fabrication facilities.
This computerized environment allows careful labeling and an accurate follow-up of the packing lists for on time and within budget deliveries.