BTE Energy

BTE Energy uses GPS technology to follow the signals of American, Russian and European satellites that translate into georeferenced (CORS) maps to create digital terrain models. The information is exported to programs like NET-CAD and Kamusal to attain an alignment for critical feasibility, time, cost estimates, route selection and expropriation plans for the lines.
Proper surveying and routing provide direction for site development, suitable right of way widths and span lengths while taking into account environmental, safety and reliability considerations. EIS, that is, environmental impact studies, are prepared and submitted for the approval of due agencies.
BTE Energy supplies turnkey electric power transmission lines comprising the necessary goods (conductors, ground wires, insulators, optical ground wires, hardware and all other elements and devices) as per your specifications and our exacting quality standards which extend to transportation and hauling.

Scope of our turnkey services;
• Sitting feasibility studies
• Surveying and routing
• Environmental impact, safety and reliability studies
• Expropriation
• Right of Way logging, clearing and grading
• Procurement and construction of Access roads
• Manufacturing and supplying for all materials
• Tower foundations
• Tower erection
• Wire stringing
• Temporary permit and performance testing

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